LCFC Announces 2021 Line Officers
By Captain Matthew Davison
December 17, 2020

As the year 2020 comes to a close, LCFC members recently voted on our Operational and Administrative officers for the year 2021! Each member has the opportunity to vote as so if they meet the minimum requirements of meeting attendance, etc. With that, the 3 chief officers then perform a modified interview process to determine the appointed officers. Those officer positions include everything listed under Assistant Chief. In reading this list, the member has accepted the following position, and will be an officer for the year 2021:

Fire Chief - Ross Trego
Deputy Chief - Jeff Kimes
Assistant Chief - Dick Hahn
Battalion Chief - Josh Spangler
Captain - Matt Davison
Lieutenant - Criag Soden
Lieutenant - Stevie Senn
Safety Officer - Marty Blumenthal
Chief Engineer - Kevin Freese
QRS Coordinator - Jeff Patrick

President - Paul Mattes
Vice President - Kevin Tryniszewski
Treasurer - Cheryl Freese
Financial Secretary - Candy Trego
Recording Secretary - Jane Clark
Membership Secretary - Heather McComsey
Board of Directors:
Gary Hollowis
Kevin Freese
Jeff Patrick
Scott Markley
Melissa Freese
Bob Spangler